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Monday, December 18

Meet Delhi Metro's Popular Woman Cop Who Has United Over 200 Lost Kids and Adults With Their Families

After joining the CISF in 2008, she was posted at the Delhi Metro in 2011. Her popularity and tireless efforts even garnered her the ‘employee of the year’ award.

With a Metro station that gets a footfall of around 28 lakh consistently, envision how simple it is lose your direction, or get isolated from your kid or accomplice. It isn't difficult to trust at that point, that on a normal, the CISF gets two instances of individuals lost at a Metro station each day. In any case, there is one such CISF constable at the New Delhi Metro Station, who has now turned into an easily recognized name in taking care of such cases. Her name is Noorjahan Khatun and she helps those lost discover their direction home.

The 27-year-old CISF constable has been credited with rejoining ladies, senior subjects and kids with their families in more than 100 situations where they were isolated with their travel associates in the Metro.

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A standout amongst the most famous cases that showed her coarseness and insight occurred on December 25, 2016. A lady from West Bengal was discovered crying at the Metro station. She had isolated from her significant other while boarding a prepare. Another issue was the dialect obstruction. She knew neither English nor Hindi, and couldn't recall her better half's telephone number. 
At the point when Noorjahan was brought in, she instantly assumed control over the test. 
"The lady did not recollect the telephone number of her better half but rather knew the name of the inn where they were remaining. I called the inn and got her significant other's versatile number. He was found and both were brought together," Noorjahan told the Hindustan Times.
Sent in the knowledge wing, Noorjahan is the go-to cop with regards to rejoining lost individuals in the Metro. 
She once rejoined a lost 71-year-old lady with her child, who was untraceable for two days. "In December 2015, a man came crying and I was called by the station staff. His mom had boarded the Metro however had not achieved home for two days. I checked the CCTV film and through her development, we followed her to a maturity home in Faridabad. It gave me a great deal of fulfillment," she said. 
In the wake of joining the CISF in 2008, she was posted at the Delhi Metro in 2011. Her prevalence and vigorous endeavors even gathered her the 'worker of the year' grant. 
Among the 28 lakh travelers going in the Metro every day, around 20% are amateurs. Stood up to with 'missing people's or 'lost' individuals, the CISF entrusted with the Metro security takes it up on a need premise. Indeed, even a moment's postponement can hamper examination, say the authorities. 
Most travelers get isolated because of programmed entryways and swarmed stations. A year ago alone, more than 100 children were brought together with their folks, an authority told HT.
"At whatever point we get an instance of a missing individual, we encourage our staff to call Khatun. She never frustrates us and she loves her activity," a senior CISF official stated, including that she has additionally tackled instances of pick-taking and robbery.
In 2016 alone, the CISF drove by Noorjahan rejoined 106 kids. Until June 2017, 60 kids were brought together with their folks, and more than 100 grown-ups were brought together with their families. 
"We have prepared our staff to recognize individuals meandering alone. It is a misguided judgment that lone youngsters are defenseless. In the Metro, numerous newbies from different states come and frequently get isolated," the CISF official said. 
We salute officers like Noorjahan Khatun!