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Sunday, December 24

Shocking overview uncovers 56% of Delhi-NCR cabbies confess to driving travelers DRUNK

Source- Hindustan Times

  • Study directed among 10,000 taxicab drivers by NGO Community Against Drunken Driving (CADD) 
  •  Of the 55.6% that conceded drink driving, 27% said they acknowledged appointments in an exceedingly intoxicated state 
  • The vast majority of them said they drink at work because of long working hours

Gathering goers are constantly prompted not to 'drink and drive' and to utilize a taxicab or navigate to return home securely. 

In any case, passing by the stunning discoveries of a study, even that may not spare you from mischances. 

The examination directed among 10,000 taxicab drivers by NGO Community Against Drunken Driving (CADD), which has been working in close relationship with the Delhi Police for a long time to end the threat, found that 55.6 percent of them consistently drink and drive. Of them, 27 percent acknowledged appointments in a profoundly intoxicated state.

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The discoveries likewise bring up difficult issues about the wellbeing of female travelers who board taxis alone. The drivers conceded that they, as a rule, savor their holding up period, yet in the event that a booking comes they don't reject it. 

The study was led in the vicinity of 2 pm and 1 am. Of the respondents, 62.1 for every penny of them yielded that they devour liquor in their vehicles.


55.6% of the respondents said they routinely drink and drive 

Out of the 27% have acknowledged notwithstanding reserving in an exceptionally intoxicated state 

62.1% consented to expend liquor in their vehicles been checked by their boss for alcoholic driving 

90.2% have never been checked by their boss for alcoholic driving

In the interim, 55.6 percent of the drivers confessed to driving alcoholic: the fundamental reason is that utilization of liquor is basic among drivers with a large number of them being ongoing consumers. 

The majority of them said because of long working hours (12-15 hours) they are left with brief period off, so they depend on drinking while at work. 

More than 90 percent of taxi drivers have never been checked by their managers for alcoholic driving, the investigation additionally asserted. 

The review of taxicab and cab drivers was led between September 10 and December 10, putting to test cases of transport organizations of giving a sheltered ride and the other option to alcoholic driving. 

Drivers said that liquor utilization in vehicles is simpler since they spend as much as 10 to 15 hours in the auto, now and again having long held up periods. A portion of the respondents said it is likewise sheltered and conservative to expend liquor in the vehicle.

Source - Dailymail

Flushed drivers are no not as much as 'suicide planes', a city court said in June, while declining to indicate tolerance to such a man by maintaining his correctional facility term. 

Street security master and CADD originator Prince Singhal stated: 'The exploration was led at 50 unmistakable open areas of Delhi including airplane terminals, railroad stations, Metro stations, shopping centers, business centers, office buildings and college territories. 893 out of the 10,000 were drivers of dark and-yellow cabs and 9,107 were taxi drivers of radio and application based taxicabs.' 

Singhal included: 'A key finding of the review was likewise that Police requirement on taxicab drivers was irrelevant in Delhi, Gurugram, and Noida district and those taxicab drivers if at all indicted were typically charged for speeding, red-light hopping, and rash driving however seldom for alcoholic driving. 

'Since taxi drivers are compelled by a solemn obligation to drive calm it is considerably more relevant than the police direct liquor tests on them, particularly amid 11 pm to 1, am all the time.' 

A portion of the outstanding zones where the overview was led incorporate the region of IGI airplane terminal, railroad stations at New Delhi, Old Delhi, Nizamuddin Central Park, Connaught Place, Nehru Place office complex, GKI and II, New Friends Colony, a few best shopping centers, DLF Cyber Hub, DLF City Center, Ambience Mall, Sector 18 showcase Noida, Mall of India, Great India Place and Logix City Center.