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Thursday, January 4

LOL! This 29 Years Man Claiming That Aishwarya Rai is His Mother

New Year's First Bollywood impact 29-year-old man said that he is Aishwarya Rai's Son.

You must have heard that Fans claim to love the movie stars, they dream of marrying them but hardly heard about Fan who regards himself as the child of an actress. This time Aishwarya Rai has been a victim of such "poisonous love". A man has told them his mother!

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People know that Aishwarya has only one daughter whose name is Aaradhya, but a 29-year-old man has claimed that she is Aishwarya's son.
Sangeet Kumar, who lives in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, told Aishwarya his mother. She said that she was born in London in 1988 by IVF. For two years, she got the blessings of Aishwarya's parents (Vrinda Rai and late Krishnaraja Rai). After this, his father Aadivelu brought him to Visakhapatnam. Now he says that after 27 years of being away from Aishwarya, he wants to be with him again.

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However, Sangeet does not have any documents as proof of this. He says that his relatives have destroyed all the documents.
Not only this, Sangeet also said that now Aishwarya is staying alone and Abhishek is separated from Bachchan.

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