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Friday, January 5

Independent India Has the Highest Number of Slaves, Here is the Global Slavery Index figures.

Independent India Has the Highest Number of Slaves, Here is the  Global Slavery Index figures.

You must be surprised to know that the highest crime in the world is in India and the highest number of slaves are also Indians. Two-thirds of the world's slaves are here. According to the Third Global Slavery Index, there are 30.4 million slaves in India.

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According to the 2016 Global Slavery Index, released by Australia's Human Rights Group 'Walk-Free Foundation', 4.88 million people, including women and children worldwide, are in the grip of modern slavery.

That is, the slavery practice is still going on after the British went, just the name has changed. Nowadays, slaves are called 'Modern Slaves'. This index is prepared based on the respect of people's rights in different countries. In addition, bonded labor, prostitution, begging, forced marriage are also included in modern slavery. India is at the top of the Global Slavery Index.

Modern slaves are found in all 167 countries of the world. But there are top five countries in Asia. That is, 58% of modern slaves from around the world live in Asia. In the past years, the number of modern slaves in India has increased. The lowest people in Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, and Belgium are enslaved.

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The reason for this situation in India is that people do not have basic amenities, people in the compulsion to fill their stomachs make the children work from childhood.

In the case of the number of slaves, China comes after India. 34 lakh in China and about 21 lakh people in Pakistan have been enslaved.

However, the Intelligence Bureau has said that this report will have a direct impact on India's sustainable development target 8.7 and it is also likely to cause damage to India's image and export.
The highest number of slaves and slaves in the world are in India. 

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India's Intelligence Bureau has strongly opposed this report of the ILD 2017 funded by the US government. The Intelligence Bureau has said that it is a conspiracy to defame India. The bureau has also written a secret letter to PMO, National Security Advisor, Ministry of External Affairs and the Labor Ministry.

Statistics of this report are frightening. In this situation, it seems dishonest to call India a free country, because the country has become free, but people are still enslaved.

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