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Monday, January 15

This is love or madness! At the age of 45, this woman got married with a ghost

So far, you have heard lots of love stories, but have you ever heard about the love story of a human being and a ghost. Hey, this is not a joke, but it's real.

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Meet 45-year-old Amanda Teague from Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, who has been crazy for a ghost's love for many years. Not only this, their relationship started with friendship, but the talk ended at the wedding. Talking about this strange love story, Amanda says that my husband Jack died about 300 years ago. They were a Haitian Pirate. I have never seen them, but they say that they had long black hair and were killed 1700 years ago due to all the crimes.

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Amanda's first husband has five children with her, but she says that as I feel with Jack, I did not do it with anyone. She further says that as much as I know and understand, I like her very much. One day, Jack told me that both of us may actually be one, but before that, I had neither heard nor seen about such a close relationship between man and soul.

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After this, I did a lot of research on this subject and found that there is a deep relationship between man and soul, but some people do not like to talk about it. Amanda told that Jack never married in his lifetime, and he is a powerful soul. His family in Amanda's love story, along with his family, supported him.

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Following the marriage of Amanda and Jack in the presence of 12 friends and family. However, reaching such a love story to its own ends is not the case with everyone else. If you also know about such a love story, then you can tell us.

news source- Gazabpost